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Self-Help at 32

For a long time now I've been trying to see life through happy eyes, a life without the struggle and I guess the 'normal' life experience. I listen to podcasts on self-improvement and read books on motivation and healing from trauma. Gosh I hate the T word!

But this week, the progress I imagined I'd made came to a grinding halt.

I've been signed off from work due to stress related depression.

Hard to believe but being an artist doesn't pay well and doing a '9-5' is still very much a necessity! (and also doesn't pay well! Lol!)

On a side note I do enjoy the job I do, but I have too much to do, I've been pushing myself too hard and for too long. Sort of like an endurance test but I'm in competition with myself!

I wonder how many people endure the stress rather than make a change?

I've read about the masses of people quitting their jobs and the ever rising numbers of depression and seemingly daily articles on 'burnout'. I was busier than ever during the pandemic (not a humble brag by any means as I heard furlough stories that sounded pretty terrible). Are we feeling the hangover of many companies trying to recoup some of the pandemic losses? Or have we all gone soft?

With living costs rising, working days getting longer and stress levels increasing, it seems that workers are feeling the worst effects, both mentally and financially.

I wonder how long we can continue to play the 'corporate game' and win at it.

Could 'burnout' actually be the saving grace to a happier future?

After a full day in bed on Monday catching the zzz's, the rest of this week I've binged on podcasts, more sleep and interior design programmes, all of which bring me joy!

I started to think that even with access to all these modern day resources, both online and in books, with the counselling I have access to, and the help of medication, it still resulted in not being able to get out of bed before I took my wellbeing seriously!

At what point does the 'knowing' have to take a backseat and the 'doing' have to start?

I know what I need to do to look after my mental health, but actually taking the steps is another matter.

I ignore myself by keeping busy so I have an excuse not to do something that is new and scary.

I'm actually impressed that my brain is this efficient at keeping me fearful!

So what's really going to change?

I need to show my brain that I can do something without its intervention and if it 'goes wrong' that I will still be okay. I feel like I'm a teenage child having a conversation with a parent right now!

So with a big F*** you, I take a single step to push myself to be a little more open. I'm going to put my thoughts out a blog!!!

I've been aware I've been living a rather risk-averse life for quite some time and have been frozen by the fear of not doing something right, or not being good enough at it.

Just typical high achiever s**t, where you hate yourself for everything; both what you do and what you don't do!

But I'm overriding my brain and taking an action rather than overthinking it. Not a novel idea by any means! But the fear of judgement is definitely still an issue I need to work on and what a better way to do it than by opening myself up to the unsolicited online feed of opinion! I'm laughing nervously as I write this!


Self-Help List

There's quite a few things that I think got me to the point of taking action this week and I've decided to collate a list to try to recount my steps so that I can follow this again in the future.

I have a mix of stuff that has made me feel inspired, that made me laugh, that made me feel creative, that is heartwarming and that is a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

If you have anything that has really helped you when you've been in a difficult place, then please share it with me as I'm always on the search for a new perspective.

Les Brown on Impact Theory (Tom Bilyeu)

What a guy, his story is so interesting and he's just so up beat in spite of having legitimate reasons not to be. Such an enjoyable listen.

Matthew McConaughey 5 Rules for the Rest of your Life (Johnny Bigger)

Deepak Chopra Feel Better Live More (Dr Rangan Chatterjee)

Marie Forleo Feel Better Live More (Dr Rangan Chatterjee)

Susan Heitler Tedx Wilmington (Tedx Talks)

John Mulaney is a Great Storyteller (LaughPlanet)

Kevin Hart Netflix is a Joke (Netflix is a Joke)

George Carlin Strictly Revolutionary Tribute Mix (Jason Robo)

itsblitzzz The Worst Month of My Life (itsblitzzz)

Kristen and Brie do their Skincare and Makeup Routine (The Kitchen & Jorn Show)

Never Too Small Australian Apartment Style Tiny House (NEVER TOO SMALL)

Alexandra Gater Vintage Bedroom Makeover (Alexandra Gater)


And if all else fails then...



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